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The Porsche Riverside Team

The Porsche Team at Walter's Porsche Riverside

The beginning of every thought and every deal is the customer. Our competent team will be delighted to provide you with advice and assistance.



Walter Kienle

Walter Kienle | Dealer Principal

Born in Germany to Swiss parents, Walter Kienle trained as a tool and die maker until he immigrated to the U.S. from Switzerland in 1948. Here, he worked as an automotive mechanic in Redding, PA until he felt compelled to join the U.S. Army to serve his new country. Upon his Sergeant First Class discharge, Walter moved back to New York where he opened an automotive garage. Longing for that California sunshine, he returned to Riverside in 1960 and opened Walter's Automotive Service. Mr. Kienle opened Walter’s Automotive Mercedes-Benz Service Center in 1964. With its trained technicians and reputation for excellent service, Porsche asked Walter's to become an authorized dealer in 1992 where it now enjoys the status of being one of the top Porsche dealers in the U.S.

Mark Marchant

Mark Marchant | General Manager

Mark Marchant is the captain that leads the boat for this Porsche dealership, and everyone follows him with great confidence. Mark comes to Porsche with almost more automotive experience than anyone else. Mark grew up in Europe, where he competed as a professional Formula driver. Many years later we are lucky to have him as the General Manger of this fine Porsche dealership.

When Mark is not impressing everyone at the dealership with his racing stories, you can find him enjoying as much time with his family as possible. Mark loves to just enjoy a relaxing day by the pool with his wife and kids, they truly operate as a tight knit family.

If you are ever in the Riverside area and want to work with one of the best in the business (or just want to hear some awesome racing stories) then pop your head in and say hi to Mark Marchant.

Mark Marchant

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Ed Finley

Ed Finley | Sales Manager

Ed Finley has many years of automotive experience, and you can truly be in no better hands when shopping for a Porsche. Ed really has two strong passions in his life, cars and his family. When Ed is not at the dealership living the dream, you can often find him out with his family at the race track. Ed is truly a Porsche enthusiast, and loves to race them on the weekend whenever he gets the chance. He also does a great job at always including his family in his activities, and loves to go out with his family at any given opportunity.

To do business with one of the happiest people in the automotive industry, look no further than Ed Finley.

Ed  Finley

Jeffery Hudson

Jeffery Hudson | Sales Manager

Jeffery Hudson is an experienced automotive expert who has been a great asset to the team at Walter's Porsche. Jeffery Hudson lives a beautiful life with his wife, 2 daughters and his son. They love to go out together and enjoy the beautiful California weather together. When Jeffery wants to relax you can usually find him watching football or basketball. He is a big sports enthusiast, and is sure to talk up a storm if you bring up the GreenBay Packers. So next time you are at Walter's Porsche and want to talk to one of the most helpful individual you can find, come say hi to Jeffery Hudson.
Jeffery Hudson

Bob McDonald

Bob McDonald | Porsche Brand Ambassador

Bob is one of our Brand Ambassadors here at Walter's Porsche. That is why he stays so busy here at work but when he slips out the door for some down time he enjoys golfing, shooting, music and his grand kids. In fact, Bob has a home recording studio and says he spent the first 25 years of his life playing music and fooling with cars. Given a choice of vacation spots, Bob would choose to return to Hawaii where he lived for 12 years. Listed as his favorite Porsche's are the 1973 Carrera RS and the 908.03 race car. Be sure to say hello to Bob when you stop in to Walter's Porsche.
Bob McDonald

Taylor Ferguson

Taylor Ferguson | Porsche Brand Ambassador

Taylor Ferguson is ready to make your Porsche experience a memorable one. When he's not selling beautiful Porsches, Taylor loves spending time with his family and going to the gym to play basketball. He's a huge sports fan and follows the Los Angeles Lakers and Dodgers, as well as the San Diego Chargers. Taylor is a Porsche enthusiast at heart and would choose the 911 GT3 as his favorite model. Taylor is outgoing, kind-hearted, empathetic, and enthusiastic- especially when it comes to Porsche! Give Taylor a call or stop by and say hello.
Taylor Ferguson

Tony Nguyen

Tony Nguyen | Porsche Brand Ambassador

Tony Nguyen is no stranger to the sales industry considering he has 13 years of experience under his belt. This makes him a tremendous asset to Walter's Porsche and our customers. When he's not at work, Tony enjoys going to the gym, playing basketball, working on cars, riding his street bike, dancing, and even trying new food places. As an avid sports fan, Tony enjoys following the Chicago Bulls and San Francisco 49ers. His favorite Porsche is the 2015 Cayman GTS. 
Tony Nguyen

MIchel Rey

MIchel Rey | Porsche Brand Ambassador

Michel Rey is a man with a long and interesting past, and through a string of long events he landed in America from Cuba in 1995. Michel's first experience living in the U.S started in LA where he got his first job in a local market stocking merchandise. He then quickly moved to Cathedral City where he worked as a bartender for the next 7 years, after which Michel got involved in the automotive industry.

Michel has worked with the Walter's Automotive Group since 2009, and is a true Porsche enthusiast at heart. He truly appreciated fine German engineering, and the amazing automobiles that are created as a result. To do business with a man who truly understand the Porsche brand, and puts you the customer first, then look no further than Michel Rey.
Michel Bousa

John Beech

John Beech | Porsche Brand Ambassador

John is a Brand Ambassador here at Walter's Porsche and one of the guys that can assist you with any questions you have about purchasing your next Porsche. John works hard, but when he can escape work he enjoys spending most of his time with his wife of 22 years and their two teenagers. John served in Desert Storm and Desert Shield in the U.S.A.F. and enjoys cycling, martial arts and swimming. He loves Dodgers games and says he has too many favorite movies to list. He does list a favorite Porsche though, the 993 Turbo S. Call John when you are ready to shop for a Porsche! 
John Beech

Ali Aliyev

Ali Aliyev | Porsche Brand Ambassador

Originally from Kazakhstan, Ali first came to America to pursue his education, and received a degree in accounting. Ali is now a permanent resident of America, and has been thriving as a dedicated automotive enthusiast since 2009. Ali speaks English, Russian, Kazakh and Kurdish, and he seems to have a natural ability for language in general.

When Ali is not at the dealership you can usually find him training for his next boxing match. Ali has boxed almost his entire life, and loves to train and compete in the sport. He always wants to be competing at his best. Ali is a true Porsche fan, and owns a Porsche Panamera of his own. So if you are looking for a Porsche enthusiast who will work hard for your business, then look no further than Ali.

Ali Aliyev

Christian Vidal

Christian Vidal | Porsche Brand Ambassador

 Christian brings over 10 years of automotive experience with him to our Porsche dealership and his sales philosophy is to create relationships with his clients, not to just treat them as customers. Christian is very knowledgeable and takes his craft seriously. Outside of work his favorite activities include golf, long drives and coaching his son's baseball and soccer teams. His favorite Porsche has to  be the 911 Carrera. Can't really go wrong there! Stop in and say hello to Christian and let him show you the advantages of shopping and purchasing your next Porsche.

Christian Vidal

Adam  Avalos

Adam Avalos | Finance Manager

Adam Avalos is a great Finance Manager with a smile that is sure to brighten your day. Adam has been in the automotive industry most of his life, and is where he feels most at home. His amazing attitude and experience is sure to make you feel right at home, and help you into your next Porsche.

Adam Avalos

Larry Palmer

Larry Palmer | Service Manager

Larry loves the car business and brings to the table 25+ years of European car service experience. He is a certified technician and has a love for racing and was involved with Sprint car racing, off road racing, drag racing and  NASCAR.

On the weekends Larry has a love for music and has a studio band that produces Adult Contemporary POP music under Lawrence Palmer. He loves spending time with his family and friends. He is also an avid golfer, loves boating, snow skiing, tropical Islands and weekend road trips. His favorite Porsche is the 911 S Cabriolet. To have your Porsche serviced by one the best in the industry, look not further than Larry. 
Larry Palmer

David  Barron

David Barron | Service Advisor

David has been a service advisor since 1999 and brings with him many years of experience. He is in love with the Porsche brand as the owners are so enthusiastic about their vehicles and care for them to best of their ability. David has been on a path to work in automotive service since he was a child when he would spend his days in his father’s independent shop.

David grew up in L.A county but now considers the Inland Empire to be his home. When he is not providing the very best Porsche service, you can find David trying new foods or planning his next big trip. He has fallen in love with travel and see the world as him home. To find one of the friendliest Porsche Service Advisors on the planet, look no further than David Barron.
David Barron

Michael Barcelona

Michael Barcelona | Service Advisor

Michael is a huge Porsche enthusiast and has been working directly with the brand for well over 20 years now. You can ask Michael almost anything about Porsche and he is sure to be able to have a great conversation about it. Michael is with out a single doubt one of the biggest Porsche fans we have yet to encounter.

When Michael is not at the dealership he is passionate family man who loves to be involved in the lives of his family. He coaches his daughters softball All Star team, and together they make quite the team! But sometimes even Michael has to take it easy and just relax with his family on a Sunday morning. So to work with a down to earth man who truly understand the Porsche brand, look no further than Michael Barcelona.
Michael Barcelona

Henry  Quezada

Henry Quezada | Service Advisor

Henry is a more than seasoned automotive expert and has been a huge asset to our organization since he has arrived. When Henry is not being all star for our Porsche customers, you can find him staying as active as possible to keep his health in high standings. To stay active Henry gets involved with crossfit and cycling whenever time allows. Family is also extremely important for him, and he loves to spend as much time as possible with his family and dogs. You can frequently spot them on the weekend enjoying the California weather together. 

So to have your Porsche serviced handled by the best in the business, look no further than Henry Quezada. 

Henry Quezada

Mike Butler

Mike Butler | Parts Counter Person

Next time you call or visit the Walter's parts department you may speak to Mike. With 14 years of experience at Walter's Porsche you can be sure that Mike will be able to assist you with any parts needs you have. On his time off Mike likes restoring old air-cooled VW Bugs, bicycling around Manhattan Beach, and skiing in Big Bear. He says he has two favorite Porsches, a 1965 356 C and the 981 Boxster and Cayman models. Be sure to say hi to Mike next time you visit Walter's Porsche.

Phone: 951.354.3495

Craig Willcutt

Craig Willcutt | Shop Foreman

Craig has been with us at Walter's Porsche for many years now, and is considered to be an irreplaceable person here. He is one of the most knowledgeable individuals you will ever meet, and always has something to teach. 

If you are at Walter's Porsche and see Craig, don't hesitate to say hi. He has a great personality and provides great conversation. 

Phone:   951-354-3495

Richard Dorman

Richard Dorman | Parts Counter Person

When you need a part to get you back on the road, Richard is the man to see for all your parts needs. When not busy helping people with their prized Porsche he is in San Diego visiting his two grand children and daughter every weekend. On occasion he likes to take his grand children camping and RVing. During the week he is on the field playing for the Walter's Wizards softball team that is led by our General Manager, Ed McRae.

Phone: 951.354.3495